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Ready for something new? We would love to hear more about you! If we feel that our classes are a good fit for you, then we will follow up with an interview. Please fill out all form fields. This information is kept confidential.

Participant Application
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Who lives in the same house as you? If you live in a shelter then please just put "Shelter" in the space below.

(We do not require a high school diploma for our program)

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A drug test is not required for entrance to our program, but we do reserve the right to do a random drug test during the semester. Would you be willing to submit to a drug test? *
Do you have any computer skills in the following areas? (If you don't have any computer skills then that is totally fine because we will teach you!)
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The Christian Women's Job Corps welcomes ladies with criminal records to join our program. However, we still conduct background checks on all of our students and volunteers to provide us with needed insight for the management of our program. Are you willing to submit to a background check? *